a message to all the jihad motherfuckers out there.
October 9, 2004

RANT #250: Society & Politics
Summary: i see these jihad believing fuckers and it makes my blood boil,paradise is a lie they sell you,that they brainwash you with,paradise ha ha ha ha your all destined for a eternity in hell....burn mother...
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

to all the people who believe in jihad(holy war)your a bunch of brainwashed wankers and you can stick your flimsy escuse of religeon up your fucking arse you bunch of murdering fucking mutts, i hate the way you use religeon,use it as an excuse to kill innocents,youll go to paradise,the virgins...blah blah blah yeah right you stupid stupid fucks,and to the people in britain who believe its right to strap bombs to themselves and to detonate them in populated civilian areas killing innocent people just to get there message across,well iv just one thing to say to you"fuck off back to your own fucking country"cos we dont want you in ours,what im talking about here is people like the fuckin hook handed habba hanza or whatever that dicks name is,this fucker was getting on his soap box in london with all his little hate believing cronies and preaching his fucking lies against our country and our people,i thank god hes been fucked off..about time but why did he get away with that in OUR country for so long..someone should have potted that hook handed tosser and his dickhesd followers who believed the shit he was spouting on about...id like to meet that fucker cos id have punched his fucking lights out and stuck that hook up his arse...the hate filled cunt.....and just a small point on george bush and his cronies..george hitler bush is a fuckin criminal,this guys whole family and history is so fuckin dodgy you wouldent believe,his family has been doin buisness with the bin ladens for years,hes also got big shares in the largest arms manufacturers,the carlile group(wrong spelling..sorry)no wonder this guy wants so much war...hey aswell old george is also a member of a secret sociaty that worship the devil and beleive in a new world order....wach out people cos this worlds a changin and if your not clued up(go to infowars.com to find out more)your gonna be fucked,police states,labour camps,a global goverment,homeland security,its all on its way cos old george and his cronies and all the huge all powerfull corperations who have paid and bought OUR goverments are trying to bring in an 80%world population cull about,and time for them is running out,911,the world trade centre,these are big clues to whats happening,terrorist didnt do these things they were done by the american goverment and there handlers so the population will hand over thier constitutional rights to be protected from terrorism by the homeland security....hey im not the best person to go on about this alex jones does it so much better..infowars.com  cmon wake up people information is power..youve been warned.....oh and just so you know if that twat hook hanmza wants to come round to ours for a ruck no probs any time you bearded fuck(no offence to bearded people exept hamnza)bring your cronies to cos the neighbours are well up for it,and then its just me an you you hook handed fucker im gonna punch your face in and stomp on your head you fuckin ballbag your a fuckin gonner,round one itl all be over,then im gonna do a fred west on ya and stick you in the garden ya cunt...oh and to all the people thinking he might have half a chance due to the fact he has got metal hooks for hands(silly cunt)and he could i suppose do a bit of damage if he threw a good punch..well iv got news for you..MAGNETS yes thats right big black powerfull magnets...that cunts fucked it...im gonna use him like a punchbag the little rat..like i said anytime you bearded fucker.....but seriously if this guy gets back in our country and you see him in hyde park or wherever it is he was preaching his shit with his cronies spit on the guy and tell him if he wants to preach to fuck off back to his own country and do it,and take his fucking brainwashed cronies with him(obviously dont do this alone youll get leathered by his henchmen)go home get your mates come back and do the cunt...we need to stick up for ourselves cos the goverment will allow this man to preach his shite thats right the goverment who work for us..supposedly...the goverment who have you slog your guts out and pay them a fortune in taxes there letting us and this country down and we musnt stand for it,we must stand up to people like habba himler..i mean hanmza hes a threat to british freadom at the end of the day and to our security but our goverment allows him to set up his stall with his brainwashed followers and preach his favourite brand of hate in our parks cmon people lobby your mps and get people like him stopped..your country is depending on YOU..put it this way if you or i stood up in any park in iraq and started preaching hate against them youd have a fuckin bullet in your head before youde finished your first sentance but we allow people like the rat hamnza to do it in ours...nuff said

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