Steven de Cecco, this is FOR YOU!!!
June 21, 2004

RANT #245: Misc.
Summary: Stuffin de Cocko is a big babbling vagina
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Alright, I know I shouldnt be doing this over one of my other rants to spam up tangmonkey, but something has been bugging me lately, so back off. It's so big it has been a HUGE guestbook phenomenon. Apparently, there is this guy called Steven de Cecco, and I believe him to be the most idiotic, foolish, stupidest, misguided, over-homoerotic faggot on the internet, and so will you before half the shit I tell you that he does. This is one big motherfucking babbling vagina, and he has got to either shut the fuck up, or he is going to get split in half with a huge death ray laser by... me... According to the grapevine, this guy is on a mission to spam up as much guestbooks and websites with as much of his mindless babble as possible, some of it is stupidly entertaining, and some of it is plain sick. Just judge for yourself, the entire rant is addressed to Stevo himself:

Hello Stevo, I hope you could read, which is obviously why you are on the internet, I have some MAJOR problems with your ranting, take it from a guy who does it for life. You are giving my keyboard some wear right now, so I suggest YOU come up with a witty and at least half-decent rant to follow up. Its simple, you click on the Submit a Rant on the far left of the screen on the main rant page and you fill in the form with your mindless bullshit. Remember to put in a category and mark your post for profane material. You are going to need some adequate babble to follow up. Below is a quote from Surfcaster, when you wanted to see a recipe for Crab Roles


Name: Shawn
Comments: I had these crab roles in Rhode Island, they were excellant, I wish more restaurants would serve them.
Name: Steven De Cecco
Comments: I got your crab role right here {right here} You want my crab role?
Name: Shawn
Comments: Uh, no I don't want your crab role.
Name: Steven De Cecco
Comments: Please man, I'll suck your dick man!
Name: Shawn
Comments: Eww, get out of here!!

May I start off with you have got some major obsession for crab roles. What the hell is your obsession with this seafood dish? Shit, reading this, you dont care whos on the internet, or who youre talking to, as long as you could get head of people for free thats all youre bothered about. I couldnt believe you are allowed to use the computer let alone surf the internet spamming up random guestbooks quicker than mugu people, especially with comments as revolting and detailed as this. From this alone, we see one pretty disgusting gay fucker. Because according to you the more you offer to choke on someones cock, the more you get publicity. Hate to call you out STEVO, but you are one hell of a sad, sad, sickening man.

Heres a post from:

The analysis beatdown! The beatdown analysis! The beatdown analysis is coming!! Prepare for the obliteration analysis!! Beatdown! Prepare for the Paul Toot beatdown!! Prepare for the Paul Toot analysis!!! Prepare for the butthole analysis, Paul Toot!!! Prepare for your butthole obliteration!!! Prepare for the butthole analysis!! Prepare for total butthole obliteration!! Prepare for the analysis of your butthole!! Prepare to get your butt fucked out, Paul Toot!! You hear me maggot? Maggot shit?!! Prepare for total butthole obliteration!! Paul Toot, Paul, hear me boy!! Prepare for absolute 100% butthole obliteration!! 100% butthole analysis and obliteration is coming!!!

Unlike in the 419 rant I posted, I need not surgeonize it, because its retarded already. You notice the way you repeat yourself?  You repeat yourself, he repeat yourself I tell you. The way you repeat yourself is bad, its bad the way he repeat yourself. You also this skill for repeating yourself in brackets (in brackets you repeat). It gets so fucking annoying, and its giving my eyes un-needed eye cancer. You are also very, VERY paranoid about Paul Toot; I have no idea why, where the fuck is the relevance to anything about Paul Toot?! You reiterate yourself so much, and talk the same shit over and over again; you could literally play a game of bingo with your mindless droning. For all the people at tangmonkey and other viewers; go to the hyperlink at the bottom of the page, paste the URL into your address bar and play a game of: STUFFIN DE COCKO LOTTO! My bingo game however, also causes uproar on the boards as well, because you have fans and their job is to act exactly the way you do. If these fans were to have a conversation with one another, it would be very much like an alphabet soup factory just exploded. Im dead sure your retarded fat self has no Stevo enthusiasts, so the only other possibility is that IT IS YOU ACTING LIKE YOUR FANS!

This is more from the same site:

Hey bitchfaggot, Bret Hart IS the real deal, maggot turd. Bret Hart WAS the real deal, maggot boy. Bret Hart will always be the real deal, maggot head/maggot face, maggot licker, you maggot fuck. You are a totalled complete waste to the human race, and you are a total disgrace to the human race. Imbeciles like you pollute the gene pool, in this world. Haters like you poison the gene pool, in this world. You're like a curse that was put on this world, if I ever saw you I'd knock you the fuck out cold, little fucking pussy. Little fucking pussies like yourself should stop breeding, we don't need anymore illiterate fucks on this world, that's losers like you. You must be retarded, retard. You ARE a stupid internet idiot. You ARE a flaming internet idiot. Bitches like you should die, and die hard and fast right now, because ignorant scums like you are of no use, have no use, just complete useless ONLY! Yeah? Well, you are about to be a cry baby, RIGHT AFTER I CRACK YOUR FACE WITH MY FIST, RIGHT AFTER I JAM YOUR FACE WITH MY FIST!!! AND JAM YOUR LITTLE NOSE WITH MY FIST!!!

Theres more where that came from, but I guess that make me look like I am saying it. To save you from your own eye strain, the post keeps babbling on and on and on and on about wrestling, yourself being a multi martial arts black belt, Bret Hart and Shawn Michaels. Are you that misled that you have to believe anybody gives a shit about half naked people battering themselves over the head?! ITS BOGUS, FALSE, A SHAM, PHONEY, FAKE, or in other words, NOT REAL!  Did you also know Santa and the Easter Bunny were not real?! Unlike your martial arts skills, which are non-existent, unreal, and full of shit as well as fake, phoney, bogus and false. Because if you were a martial arts master, you wouldnt be on the computer this damn much and would be outside kicking my arse. Which Id doubt youd be able to do anyway, because the only thing youd crack after punching me in the face is your hand, if not explode. I regret breaking up your childhood fantasies, but you have got some major puberty problems to contend with!

Heres an e-mail you sent to when you got pissed off


3/16ths of one inch is the distance you have to move your pinky in order to not sound like a fucking idiot, I know the shift key is a pretty damned horrible burden, but COME ON, even I could do better than that, and Im bad at word processing. And who gave you the permission to ask us to put down our addresses when you are some kind of a master kung fu sensei?! Shouldnt you be able to use your tiger instincts to find us? With the stealth of a witty ninja?! No, of course you cant, youre too much of a fucking lardarse to climb a small brick wall. Now youre rambling on about how god is helping you to track us down, I cant wait to go to hell then. Juggalo destroying? Do you suck their dick or something until theyre too tickled to move? Pft

The rest just babbles, and babbles, and babbles, and babbles, and babbles on about how you will destroy us. YOU WILL DESTROY US, OKAY! WE GET IT! YOU WILL MAKE SOME ATTEMPT TO MAKE YOURSELF LOOK LIKE A DIPSHIT! OKAY ALREADY! MOVE ON!

You also put up a picture up on your website; its a guy with a 20 A-cup sized bra. Looks just like you. Oh, sorry to destroy your picture but I lied! You put someone elses face on top of yours and youd think nobody would notice. This convinces me you are not only the dumbest motherfucker on the internet, but the most naive. Do you know what that means? It means you are stupider than I first thought you were.

In conclusion, you existing on the internet for another day further proves you to being the big blubbering vagina you are. You wouldn't be such an arsehole if you would quit crying for a few minutes, step back, re-evaluate your life, and recognise that youre a big babbling vagina.


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