Yet another open letter
April 29, 2004

RANT #241: Misc.
Summary: Ignorance is only Ignorance
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Dear the cunts that broke into Suffolk College,

You must be surprised what chaos you have caused last night is as serious as me writing this rant. But here at college, and in my particular group, the entire server has gone haywire because of your silly antics on Wednesday night. You stole a bunch of wires, some switches and wrecked a few computers. The wrecked computers I could live with, they were crappy Windows 2000 versions anyway. What I cant live with is the server being shut down simply because you took the switches needed to run the server. I dont have a fucking clue why you or anyone else for that matter needs those switches other than the college. Consider yourself the colleges number one most wanted, I swear, if I ever come into contact with you shitheads publicly, I am going to tear your nuts off and strangle you with them. I am not kidding when I say that the last person to twang a friends braces got caverns of gore carved into their dumbass flesh. YOU STUPID FUCKERS HAVE DONE IT THIS TIME, THIS IS THE LAST FUCK UP I EVER ENCOUNTER. NOW IM REALLY GOING TO INVADE RUSSIA!!! JUST TO RELIEVE EXTRA STRESS WHEN I FINISH TEARING OUT YOUR PRICK ASS BRAINS AND SHOVING THEM UP YOUR ASS CRACK!!!!

Godammit, its not like we have enough problems already. It takes forty minutes to log in, classmates simply flop over because of severe headaches, the drive we work off keeps turning off without warning, the blue screen of death keeps popping up every thirty minutes on one out of five computers.

*gasp* Not finished yet

What 'was' the server kept crashing, it was run by an absolute retard prick motherfucker, our coursework is going to be handed in a weeks time and none of us could log on and attempt to do any work whatsoever, or play emulated 10-bit Nintendo games and ignore the tutors. Do you know what we had to play while we thought the computers were being fixed? HANGMAN!!! FUCKING HANGMAN!!! Well it did shorten the number of scrap paper; it did bore us out of our skulls. Not one human being in our classroom, not even the dumbasses, enjoyed not having a computer. So consider your cock my number one prized trophy, after I succeed Russia and send out EVIL GITs to slaughter your dick off for me.



P.S. I think this really does deserve a free windshield

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