April 13, 2004

RANT #240: Tangmonkey Sucks
A.L. the Messiah
Summary: yES INDDEED
Full Text:

well, to start, the CAPLOCK is evil.  Very evil.  It will kill your head without warning.  I hate it when it does that.

Also, TANGMONKEY does not use enough flourescent hairspray for my taste.  I'm looking for a level between a mild Courtney Love and a shocking Jean Luc Picard (can that guy be any sexier?).

But...uhh...other than the whole neon hair thing, TANGMONKEY cooks need some work.  Which is why I propose that TANGMONKEY hire me for their chef.  Its that or I kill them...or just wonder off like I did last year.  meh...my shin once fell asleep.  Not my leg.  Just my shin.  Aint that weird.

Well, pineapples still don't explode.  And the Snowdens of yesteryear have come and gone.  I still cook better than those baffoons.  Which rhymes with Ballons.  And so, I bid adieu.

wow...that was poetically soothing when I read that over.  I submit that I get a free windshield for that contribution

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