March 10, 2004

RANT #237: Society & Politics
Summary: The censorship of imported pornography in Canada is getting quite out of hand.
Full Text:

In Canada, the censorship of pornography is a biased procedure that is very loosely controlled by the government and has come under scrutiny in recent months.

I understand why some people do not like pornography, however it should be censored in a fair and consistent manner.

All explicit material that is imported to this country is reviewed by customs officials and detained for any length of time if it is judged to be in any way obscene.

This statement means that canadian pornography is less strictly censored. (So dont worry, your mounty porn will keep coming into the adult video store.) This statement also entails the notion that all the officials prejudices are present with him/her during the screening and that his/her decision is rarely questioned. The key problem at hand is that the definition of obscene is in nature broad and subjective. There is no vote on the obscene content, and this is an undemocratic procedure.

In the past, truckloads of gay porn destined to Montreal have been detained merely because it was  too graphic. I strongly suspect that the homophobic prejudices of a sect of the population may transcend into the censorship of pornography. We dont all like gay porn, its not fair to expect Joe family with a wife, and 1.7 kids, and a white picket fence to  find a gay orgy tasteful. Please note, I am only hypothesizing.

There is a reason that censorship must be conducted. Snuff porn, bestiality and child pornography are all illegal in this country as they are harmful to one or both of the sexual partners, whether it be a child, woman, or gerbil.

However, it is important for the government to find a way of competently dealing with pornography. I suggest a revue board of non-biased parties. We already have one for non-pornographic material. Maybe Im crazy, but it seems to make sense.

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