March 10, 2004

RANT #236: Tangmonkey Sucks
Summary: A rant devoted to ranting... how quaint
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Okay, I probably shouldn't be doing this, because I posted this a little while ago you know... IN CRAP RANTS!!! But I finally snapped, just because of this stupid shit I've seen lately. While I was working on my Elvis' Volatile Ingenious Leftover Glitter Incineration Tuxedo, Some little sissy bitch starts whining. You know, I thought "hey, this bitch is pissed off something rotten; I better go look I look at her rant and what do I see? She starts whining about all the stupid rants she wasted her time reading!! And you know, you could say the same thing back then when I was pissed off, and thats one fuck of a good point. But since when can you call the last few weeks a bunch of shit. We ranted about 419 scams, Hitler bashing, freedom of speech, slapped dumbasses for complaining about not masturbating when they watch Tom & Jerry, started an evil campaign, and on top of that, I kicked Fifthwinds lieu of bullshit! WHAT MORE DO YOU WANT???

You could probably think of a hundred reasons for what we arent doing, but how anyone could call the last weeks barely entertaining is anyones guess. I slapped the fuckers spamming up the site, I created my EVIL GIT, not to mention everyone else got pissed off and killed the spam.

And this rant is significantly shorter than the good stuff I posted up, but this was definitely the last straw. The idea is when you go around Now stop droning aimlessly unless its really important, leave it to the veterans! Thank you.

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