Too much Dribble
March 9, 2004

RANT #235: Misc.
Summary: This website has been inundated with bad rants of catastrophic proportions. It is time to do something about this sad state of affairs.
Full Text:

If you sincerely believe that you have anything to say that is worth reading please use the following guidelines for future reference.

Is your rant in any way witty or sarcastic? Does it leave the reader chuckling or smiling?
If you are a hapless twit with no sense of humour, what do you care about a tang coloured monkey? Post your musings elsewhere.

Is it of interest too anyone other than your miserable self? Woe is me stories are not entertaining, or insightful. Many people do not have the same conception of what a pitiful situation is, and searching for pity through this site is stupid and pathetic.

Are you saying anything that has not been said many times before, or that is painstakingly obvious? Intellectual theft is rampant, try to think with your own neurons. If you are unable, you should recognize your own intellectual inferiority and stop filling a good web site with posting that are, in every sense of the word, stupid.

It is quite possible that my grammar is flawed, but for chrissakes use a spell check.

If I sound like an elitist tramp than that is my curse.

I hope this saves me from stumbling upon another rant that is a complete and utter waste of my time.

Please lads, where have all the good rants gone?

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