Out with the new, In with the old?
February 24, 2004

RANT #231: Apologies
FiFTHWiND and SpazzyPirate
Summary: Just a little concerned about the tangmonkey veterans and the treatment of the newcomers.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

      Greetings Tangmonkey veterans, Do not fret, for I write to make amends for the trouble I may be causing. It seems that the majority of you do not find me, or my friends sense of humor to your liking. You get my deepest apology for spamming up the rant section of the website to which you act as if it is your own. I write to apologize for writing what you may label as pointless and absurd. And lastly, I write to apologize for having my own likings, and being an individual, this goes for my friends as well, and anyone else who have ever crossed the line, they are all sorry for being their own person.
Allow me to express myself in a story. A long time ago, in the late 1800s, America was facing a crisis. This crisis was known as immigration. You may say but immigration is a good thing, and that it was, but certain people did not think the same. These people complained that the immigrants would steal their jobs and that they would lower working conditions all over the land. Well they did something about it, they petitioned to the law, they gave their reasoning and attempted to push the newcomers out of this great land. Eventually the government passed laws to restrict immigration, only a small amount of immigrants could come into America each year. The people of America had succeeded in their endeavors, but something was wrong about this. The folly is named hypocrisy, And it was hypocritical because these proud Americans were once immigrants as well, their ancestors had come here by boat to achieve the American dream, just as the new immigrants had tried to do. So you see, isnt this story much like that of what I am facing? What my friends are facing? Dont we resemble those new immigrants who were told they could not come in? And you veterans, arent you doing the same thing as the people of America? You were also once new to this site, and now we are. For this I apologize.
Perhaps that single story did not explain my point thoroughly enough, perhaps you need a second. Ever since the mid 1800s, small businesses every where have been downtrodden by bigger businesses, bought out, torn down, etc, by what we have come to name the monopolies.  The big business does not give the small business a chance before it tries to eliminate what it sees as its competition. I know well that big businesses are what keep money in the economy, and that they always get the product out to the consumer. It is when these businesses become bullies that the dirty side of business is born. It is here that you can once again see a metaphor. My friends and I are but a tiny business, entrepreneurs if you will. You big tycoons are good in your own ways, but when you set your influence out against us, you are only making yourselves a monopoly.
As I see it, you are expressing a great deal of arrogance.  You think that even though you did not put a hand into creating this site, that you can rule it?  Come on people be fair.  We newcomers are only trying our best to have free speech and rant as we wish!  You may say that we are just being ostentatious and trying to make ourselves look good by spamming, but you could not be farther from the truth.  We are only trying to impress upon others our own opinions and thoughts of the day, you may find them pointless, but we find it to be just how we do things.  Are we not trying to better ourselves and others by ranting on these boards to not take our emotions out on other daily activities that could be harmful to the feelings of people around us?  For us it is a release from stress and a way to share thoughts with others.  In specific areas, criticism is welcome; but in the way it has been used in the past it is best left alone.  Sure, Im not saying dont do it at all, but keep in mind that here we are just sharing thoughts and that you are trying to deny us that.  It is a basic human right to speak, and you are just too caught up in your glory to leave it be.  Dont want to read this so called crap that we write?  Then dont click on the link.  You may be considering us as the Dark Horses of the rant boards, you are terribly mistaken.  The only thing you are accomplishing by saying the things you do is attempting to push out the new and proving that you, yourselves have become a monopoly. The fact is that most of you are pusillanimus fools who are scared of the true, new literati of Tangmonkey.  By now, I am quite certain that some, namely Druss, have stopped reading and deemed this Bullshit which only proves our point that if you cant tolerate other opinions then dont bother sharing your own.  As far as I am concerned, we are no longer going to revert to the primordial soup that is the insulting of the past few days.  You write a rant I dont like, I will offer constructive criticism. You write bad in my rant however, the gloves come off.  Here is another point.  Get some class.  You are the farthest from the savior faire that we would like to see on these rant boards.  We try and write what is on our minds, or something we think might be funny.  Fuck this...and Fuck that is all we get back.  Do thee not have dignity?
So, yes, we are sorry. We are sorry for the trouble we have caused, but the fact is, we will not cease to be heard. We write when we feel the need to write, but the problem is, you insult and cuss when you feel the need to criticize. The problem you see in our rants is something wrong with you and not with us. If you feel that our literature is rubbish, then dont read it. When you tell us you do not care, then dont read any more of our rants, dont comment on about how bad you think it may be, and then keep coming back to put us down. You are like the fearers of immigrants, you are like the monopolies,  when you truly dont care, take heed to what has been said and dont click the link.

And once again, thank you for your time.

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