Oxfam Go Home!
November 27, 2000

RANT #23: Society & Politics
Henry Grumfle
Summary: Oxfam and other leftist hippie schemes are lying to the citizenry, robbing them of their rights, and making a mockery of all of Western Society.
Full Text:

Leftist hippie good-for-nothings have for many years been attacking Western governments and belittling our leaders with their whiny, 'Save-the-Whales' rhetoric. They assault the world's rulers at conferences like APEC, wielding signs and slogans that leave police forces with little recourse save physical force. They conceal themselves at Press Conferences, wearing dignified, pinstripe suits instead of their traditional flowers-and-hemp attire. When a Press Officer unwittingly calls upon one of these vipers in the grass, the beatnik in question opens his or her mouth (the putrid reek of cannabis wafting forth), and asks a most irritatingly controversial question. Naturally, our fit and able leaders are able to defend themselves from these verbal assaults, but it is certainly enough to ruin their next sip of a well-earned Diet Coke.
What's more, an increasing number of these pseudo-criminal dissidents are joining together under the guise of charities, stealing desperately-needed funds from such valuable institutions as the Ontario Progressive-Conservative Party, and the Cancer Foundation. They disguise themselves with such names as "Oxfam" (apparently trying to fool well-intentioned supporters of the beef industry into believing that the group has something to do with oxen), and somehow amass enough money to place ads in bus terminals and, yes, TV. Primetime television - that which was once the greatest representation of North America's magnificent free market economy - is now being overrun by flower-children and their Public Service Announcements. The leftist Shadow Conspiracy tries to confuse the citizenry, referring to these commercials with a technobabble "PSA" acronym, all the while brainwashing them to vote Communist. Meanwhile, drawing upon the Red moles in our countries' ruling parties, they have arranged for these announcements to be not only legal - but subsidized! In an equally startling whirlwind of under-the-table dealings, Oxfam, for instance, has succeeded in being brought under the protective wing of UNESCO, a socialist offshoot of the United Nations. What's more, has there been any media coverage of these developments? Certainly not. Almost 30% of Canadian newspapers are still under independent ownership, and the press monopolies can do little to combat their staunch refusal to report on the secret home-building projects in Zaire and Rwanda.

In 1999, under the Canadian Freedom of Information Act, documents were obtained that outlined Oxfam's new anarchist slogan: "Give someone their basic human rights, and they'll take it from there." While this fluffy pipe-dream seems harmless at first, upon closer examination, one realizes Oxfam - in their promotion of this philosophy - is lying to the public! False advertising is illegal, and must not be tolerated. If a population is presented with their human rights, it will help them not at all. It is the influence of intellectual, European thinking that helps a nation, not any so-called "freedom of expression". Were it not for the intervention of England and France's Great Minds in North America, the savages would still be sitting around campfires, smoking hashish, selling Manhattan for four dollars. There can be no better example than Nigeria: where there is today a peaceful, successful African nation, there was once a seething ocean of warlords and paganism. They had the freedom to believe whatever heathen satanic religion they chose, the freedom to say whatever they liked in whatever heathen satanic tongue they desired, but it was not until they discovered the Western system of government, the Western language, the Western faith, the Western way of life, that their lives became worth living. Even in today's "sophisticated" nations, it is not our freedoms - our "basic human rights" - that brought us to this point. It is our accomplishments! The fact that I can say "Tony Blair is a coot," is worthless compared to the accomplishments of our forefathers. The "rights" of the Shakespeares, Galileos and Newtons of our world were of no importance - it was their deeds that were valuable. Without these deeds of our ancestors, we would still be sitting in dark caves, freezing to death, and whether we had "rights" or not would not matter a tot. Oxfam is confusing the public with heinous lies, and they must be stopped.

Let the uncloaking of Oxfam begin here, then, with this essay. No longer will private industry be governed by public interest. No longer will we bow to demands for common standards in "human rights". No longer will we foot the bill for the volunteer soup kitchens, food banks and thrift stores. No longer will we tolerate the leftist conspiracy to treat every human as something special - as it is only the useful who really matter. We can defeat these beatniks, and as John Lennon said "Don't need a sword to cut thru' flowers." We need simply our cold, hard, righteous logic - and jail sentences.

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