Waxing Philisophical
February 23, 2004

RANT #228: Misc.
Big Mikey B
Summary: I had some time to think and observe...[BR]My theory on existance.
Full Text:

There are those that would scorn and destroy my beautiful Mother Nature; those that would despoil paradise, those that would shun the wonderful gift that God has given us.
There are those that would butcher the trees, superior race of earth, elder to us and more steadfast. Their only flaw is their defenselessness against the fiendish machines and creations of selfish men that torment them.
There are those that would rape the grass from its earthly home, solely to fulfill their own selfish whims.
One must wonder why we as a race are still permitted by the Father to inhabit his perfect and beautiful invention.
Our buildings falter and fall, our towers are destroyed. The stem supports a leaf easily five times larger than itself far into the air and does not falter, does not fall.
Take any part of my Mother and cast it to the ground. Will you find it again in a year? nay, it has returned to its home, all part of a natural cycle.
For it seems that in nature there are four primal elements, four forces that create everything.
Earth, Water, Wind, and Fire are these four building blocks.
For it seems that there are four governing principles in the human personality, four forces that guide all events. Law, Good, Chaos, and Evil are these four governors.
These two groups are indeed related-
Earth, the unyielding force of Law;
Water, the sustainer and giver of life, Good;
Air, the ever-shifting winds of Chaos;
Fire, the destroyer, the blighter, Evil.
Nature is held together by the harmony and balance of these four things. The perfect reason is achieved when one's mind hold and weighs all of them equally. Perfect reason, however, does not exist among us in this mortal realm. Every person in consumed mainly by one of these elements - just as the world is made mostly by the saes, good spirit dominates the race of men. A harmony of these four is perfection, but an ignorance of them, selfishness, has no place in nature. Selfishness is unnatural: an invention of man rather than of God or Nature.

The ego, arrogance, is the demon, the foul prescence of selfishness in one made manifest and forced upon others. The ego drives one to degrade others in order to elevate themselves, the definition of social and spiritual evil.

The selfish man ignores the natural order, he shuns my Mother's wisdom. The selfish man is no good to the world around him, indeed worthless to society. The selfish does not embrace the elements, but only uses them as he needs them, always for his own ends. The selfish is the one that defaces the beauty of my Mother Nature, the one that paves and cuts and rips the simple wonder of Father's creation in order to create his own complex, dysfunctional impracticalities. The selfish are the scourge of our world, defying all of our Mother's sacred ideals.
Too many selfish exist in our world; ours has become a land of opportunistic and materialistic ideas - much different than in holiest Eden, arboreal paradise os natural harmony, forerunner of our modern world - perfection. Selfishness destroys not only one's own life, but degrades others.
Live not solely for yourself.
The wise one knows the importance of caring about the world around him.
Selfishness is the root of greed, greed is the root of money, and money is the root of evil...

Harmonious Balance is achieved when one's decisions are made while considering all four dimensions of an issue. When the consequences are balanced between help and hinderance, the recipiants of each decided dicided by considering both freedom and the bounds of the law. One must consider the natural process of things - observing nature will always provide an insight as to how to make your decisions. Nature contains infinite wisdom; in it find solace and tutelage. For the greatest teacher is the Father; the second best is contained within his invention. Without selfishness, this world would run as one perfectly calibrated engine. When considering a decision, consider all but yourself. If you truly wish to be impartial you must be removed from consideration. Cruelty is another unnatural factor in a decision. Even the fire, the elemental Evil, does not burn that which has already been burned. Cruelty is another invention of selfish man, uneeded by nature. Cruelty, taking pleasure in another's pain, is the epitome of selfishness and seperation from Mother Nature.

Love is the most divinely inspired of emotions. When you are in love, you begin to care solely for your lover and not for yourself. Love is a wonderful lack of selfishness, combined with a healthy feeling of happiness. Love is certainly proof of God in and of itself, a tiny concept of divine and enlightened thought. An epitome of selflessness

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