The Meaning of Life
February 22, 2004

RANT #226: Society & Politics
Summary: We look hard to find it, but has it been in front of us this whole time?
Full Text:

      Every day, scientists all around the world discover things long searched for. They discover cures for certain diseases that plague us; they discover new innovations for the betterment of mankind, but could there be something that they will never find? The meaning of life, why are we here? A question that may never be solved, yet we still sacrifice much work and effort to find it. Some say that searching is pointless, searching for something that may not even be there is a waste of time, but isn't giving up a bigger waste? If we give up the search for the meaning of living, then we must also give up our reason for living.
      The hunt for the most elusive of prey, it is what drives mankind. If mankind gave up all hope in catching it, then it resembles a broke, unemployed hunter without a gun, in other words, not much good for anything.
      But maybe the people of earth do not want to hunt, maybe they want to sit in their chairs and watch their assorted monitors, but what they do not know is that they are looking... subconsciously they are looking. Every click of the mouse, every push of the remote, they are learning things well worth it. Living life IS searching.
      But in the end, approaching meaning, one might get his hopes up, reach for the dream, and plummet back to the surface all in vain. But when he wraps up his wounds, gets off the ground, and runs for glory once again... THAT, my friend, is the meaning of life.

      The meaning of life is searching for the meaning of life, having that certain drive to find it, and getting back up again after failing.

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