DRUSS01UK, a criticism to the critic.
February 19, 2004

RANT #225: Misc.
Summary: a few words to druss01uk, and other self proclaimed critics...
Full Text:

During one of my late night vigils, I decided that I would surf the internet, perhaps gaze at any changes to this great site we call tangmonkey.
At first, all seemed to be in order... tasteful, moderately intelligent, and of course humerous.
But alas, as I opened up the rant section, I notice something had gone awry...
I recognized a name whos alias I knew to be a very good friend of mine. In his rant, he proceeded to complain about his job, but complaining is what a rant is for, why else would it be deemed a rant?
Nothing seemed to be surprising about the rant, that is until I opened up to the comments.
They numbered 23, few of them were not unacceptably insulting.
7 of them were from one certain person. This person obviously considered his or herself a critic about everything, wether he or she knew about the subject or not.
this person calls him or herself druss01uk, or henceforth... "D".
As i attempted to add an insulting comment towards D, words failed me, for I could not make assumptions about this personage until after some well needed research.
so I began to read some of D's rants, all of which were more insulting to the person, being, or group directed toward than the last, and in all of them I found myself lost in a volley of distasteful insults.
Though i could not finish a single one of D's rants, it was safe to assume that D enjoys criticising or otherwise trash-talking his or her way through not only rants, but perhaps life.
The following are helpful theories or ideas directed toward the betterment of D or any other self-proclaimed critics.

1)The self-esteem theory - In life there are those who think very low of themselves, to compensate for this feeling, they often try to put down those around them. They may insult random people based eather on fact, or just complete nonsense.

2)The power over distance theory - Also in life, there are the weak of body who long to perform what is described in theory 1, but fear being pummeled, slapped around, or just plain beaten.
They then may turn to applying their power over a distance,on the internet for instance, where they know that no one can touch them.

3)The theory to sum up the two - In life there are the weak of heart and strong of hate who yearn to feal superior. these people may use methods described in theory 1 and 2. This notorious superiority complex sends a chain reaction from the certain person, their hate and shame then manifests itself into insults toward the people around them.

So, in conclusion I just hope that D, and other self-proclaimed critics, learn to look at the problems in front of them, rather than tripping over them and into other people's affairs.

Thank you for your time...

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