I like a little Preach with my tea
February 6, 2004

RANT #222: Society & Politics
Big Mikey B
Summary: Preachy keen, I gotta get it out there
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The other day I saw something that my friend had written, something to the tune of there is no God because evil exists in the world. He says that if there is in fact a God then he is either not willing to fight evil or not omnipotent, and thus not able to.

I would like to warn you now that I am a Christian and a future Methodist minister, and this is going to bother any atheists out there, but hey, no one sats you have to read my "foolish" Christian ramblings to begin with.

Science tells us that there is no such thing as cold, only lack of heat. There is no dark, only lack of light. I say now that there is no evil, only lack of God.

Some say that if there is an omnipotent God then we have no free will.

You see, God is both willing and omnipotent, but He is not omniPRESENT. If one keeps benevolence and selflessness in mind, if one lets his decisions become directed by God, he will live happily and, even better, cause others around him to live happily. You see, we have free will. God has a will for us as well. We have to utilize our free will to try and follow His will for us.

It is the strife of a Christian life to suffer for others. In a day where selfishness and arrogance rule, the benevolent person comes under pressure and silent persecution, self-sacrifice for those who don't care. The reward for this life, however, comes after our brief stay in fleshy shells.

Many people see only in two dimensions - The physical and mental worlds. These may give us height and width, but the spiritual world, and God, give us our DEPTH.

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