A stupid poetry assignment
January 30, 2004

RANT #221: Misc.
peggy sue
Summary: When night disintegrates and somethings due the words on my screen are useless. They contain no rhyme or reason, and frustration ensues.
Full Text:

I am outside of my mind watching my life swirl in triangles from atop a barren hill my mother is yelling into a distance machine convincing a bitter old woman who lives in a house with bad oil paintings that she will not die of SARS though the old woman wants to what a sensational bang to a dull life and the bell rings out the lies that have been told 1000 times and they reverberate along the mahogany walls and stained glass windows as they bounce toward the altar newer and more jubiliant each time another believes and my dog watches the salt pour out of my body and into the earth i came from ashes to ashes go up in flames and a crazy fat boy is serenading me with pictures of him whispering sweet nothings to kurt cobains grave as he lights a zen candle and scratches his name into a tree that will feast on the carbon monoxide that spills from our poisoned bodies and grow a testament to something very vague heat runs down the small of my back and i am transfixed by the whiteness of my shower but its all plastic and we know that plastic is no more than died shit that will never disintegrate faking purity and my hands are angry but i have not the guts or the knowledge to lead them so i let them hang limp at my side and the baby with half a brain is singing a song that i cannot hear because i am not simple enough to understand its beauty and i am sad my father is stomping around making footseps and treading over the familiar places and never saying much and ssssiiiiiilllllllleeeeeeeeennnnnnccccceeeeeeee
except for the trucks and the dogs and the lawnmower of the arrogant sonofabithch next door and the hand of a beautiful ghost who is my muse that touches the curtain and makes it float like jesus over water holy and i am trying to write a poem i open my green eyes and see that life is poetry and for the brave it need not be punctuated

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