Steve Irwin, the Croc Cock
January 2, 2004

RANT #218: Misc.
Summary: Or, a complaint to the second stupidest man in the entire universe
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Sitting here like any normal person would right now, I paste the following hyperlink, Take a butchers at this:,5478,8307894%255E662,00.html

Lets face it; this is a git from mars (and by no means the first, Michael Jackson for example makes amoeba on Saturn look more intelligent). It is also living proof that all you have to do is either blow up a building and kill people, or put a baby near certain death to absolutely PISS ME OFF GOOD!

Apparently, Irwin fed a dead chicken to a 13-foot crocodile with his baby "Bob" in one arm. Well nothing bad happened to the 4 week old young-un, but you've really have pissed me off big time. Lets face it - your baby is an infant who is one month old, and you say what? "I guess what I am doing is teaching him to be completely familiar with crocodiles..."

Well I hope a legion of kick-boxing kangaroos kicks the shit out of you mate! How many times must we (to you its earthlings) tell dumb fucks like you that it is not until five they start to learn about the world. It's not even until later that they learn to cope with the dangers of being an idiot... like you!!!

I don't care if your dad (or blong blong) used to teach you at that age, you are doing it in front of a live audience, you were taught privately (hopefully) away from nosey critics. I'd usually ask them to suck me but it's your fault they are all over your ass. I'm not one of them though. All that I am asking you is to get a life before your ass is covered with unsightly news critics from the four corners of the earth.

Your late new years resolution is this:
1. Get a life
2. Grow a brain

Because your brain at the moment is so tiny that if a tribe of Dutch cannibals were to crack your head open and scoop out the contents, there won't be enough to cover a small water biscuit. I mean, looking at your BIG ASS head youd think there was any sign of vaguely intelligent life on mars. You are living proof that there isnt.

And NO! Im not stopping there! Whats even worse is that some people thinks he is innocent. Judge Judy here, the pinnacle of law and order (or the biggest load of propaganda since Saddam told Bush to suck him) said: "I have seen the television footage and while I have no doubt the Irwins love their children very much; I believe it was an error of judgment to place a baby in a potentially dangerous situation,"

OH LOOK! YOU CAN SPAWN ON MARS AS WELL! HAAAAAAAAHAAAAAAAA! And that is a good crowd pleaser isnt it? Hey, it was an error of judgment *cheers of glory*

Lets face facts, Judge Pruney, if your one-month-old baby was dangling one meter from deadly crocodiles jaws and the only thing between your beloved yet scummy infant living and it satisfying the crocodiles appetite is a fucking prat with a dead chicken, wouldnt you be at least a little pissed off? Get on with moving your overpaid wide-ass into gear and say GUILTY already, so the rest of us on planet Earth could move our drinks machine 6 inches further into the void of space.

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