Record industry should deal or OMEGA PLAN DELTA!
December 11, 2003

RANT #215: Arts & Entertainment
Ichabod Tongue (it's pronounced TONG-GWAY)
Summary: Just me explaining that everyone else is wrong about file sharing and you should all listen to me. I offer a failsafe method of leveling the playing field and getting Keith Richards in a home as soon ...
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I don't buy CD's anymore. Thanks to Napster and its successors, I don't have to.

Come to think of it, I don't think I ever really bought CD's in the first place. I once spent about $15 replacing my Big Shiny Tunes 2 that I lost (it was originally a gift) and I spent one cent getting a bunch of crappy CD's I thought were cool from Columbia House once, but other than that I simply don't spend money on music. I don't go to concerts, I don't buy albums but I still listen to music like any other person.

Music sharing is something that record companies are going to have to accept. Unless they drastically reduce prices and force people at gunpoint to buy their albums, it seems inevitable that record companies and musicians alike are just going to have to come to terms with the little paradigm shift that has screwed them over so hard. Just like the film and tv industries got over the creation of the VCR and the Catholic Church got over the creation of the printing press, the record industry is going to have to deal with the fact that they simply will never again see the profits they used to.

I'm aware that there are a whole bunch of supporters of Kazzaa and the like who claim that they still buy CD's they like and that they are exposed to new bands they never would have heard of otherwise, but the fact remains that you guys just don't buy CD's like you used to. I say "you guys" because I never bought CD's in the first place.

The shift that has happened to music in the past 5 years spawns from the fact that the record industry in integrally flawed. People have always shared their music and it was only a matter of time before computers came up with a way to make sharing really really easy. It was a technological inevitability.

So! Here's my solution to the entire debacle, either, the industry learns to deal or they initiate Omega Plan Delta...

Simply put, all albums should be personally signed by the bands, for one, people will just buy more albums because autographs are cool and Morpheus just doesn't have a way to share Sharpie Scrawls, for two, bands that sell a lot of albums will eventually develop terminal carpal tunnel syndrome, opening the door for lesser known bands to raid the airwaves with their lesser-selling, but carpal tunnel syndrome free hands. It would boost record sales across the board, give exposure to new bands and it would ensure that bands of old people quit while they're ahead. It seems like a flawless plan to me. But that's just me.

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