Pant Rant
November 27, 2000

RANT #21: Misc.
Summary: Pants are extra layers we just don't need. Nuff said.
Full Text:

What's with all the people who wear pants! I mean, if we were supposed to wear pants we would have been born with them. All those who choose to enclose themselves will never experience the sweet feeling of the breeze blowing through their nether regions. Wake up people! The world would be such a better place when we drop all the barriers (such as underwear) and see each other for who we really are. Who knows what proportions we could grow to. The human race must rise to the occasion. People of the world, it is a tough job which is being put before us, but we should - nay - MUST harden ourselves to the task. If we can all come together in this task, who knows how great we could become. The world would experience a bliss which has never before been. Come, my brothers and sisters, remove thy pants and frolic! Trousers begone! This is the age of freedom! Let your bottom halves be free!

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