Rant Deletion
September 18, 2003

RANT #206: Tangmonkey Sucks
Summary: GAH! Idiots!
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Okay, I probably should not be doing this because from the previous rant, the greed for speed, every submission has either been denied in less than a week, or deleted straight away. It is making me physically sick, and I'm sure that other people are having the same problems too. I mean post something and it has gone into the black hole! Forever!

And it was probably that when I said to start deleting all the stupid rants, IT DOESN'T MEAN YOU START DELEATING EVERY GODAMN RANT. Give them chance to tell us what they think you asshat. When I said to delete all the stupid rants, I mean the old senseless meaningless, brain malfunctioning rants. Not the brand new spin dryers people are sending in. You're supposed to give a chance for these people to send feedback to the site and give them a chance either to talk about all the bad shit in the world, or to talk LOGICALLY about shit that doesn't make sense. Tonight, I am not picking at those things, yet. I am talking about the shit thats stopping other shit.

Look at one of the screwed rants, and then look at this rant. You should notice an obvious difference in dialect, and if you don't, then stop confusing yourself with this computer stuff! If it is too hard, then shut the fucker down. We will find another site to post bad shit on! Its not that hard!

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