Bank Holidays
August 25, 2003

RANT #204: Misc.
Summary: Minute by minute, It is eating my life away!!
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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Before my cereal slapping, saliva inducing rage was so crudely interrupted by some moron, I want to let you all in to why yours truly is felling a bit depressed. The problem this time is everybody's beloved day off (without a damn ritual like Christmas or Good Friday) And I don't know if you do it over there in the States, but the way it is done over here makes me want to cough up food and make the "trading number cards" a little more fun. The topic of my discomfort is BANK HOLIDAYS!

Whats that you say? I adore bank holidays since you sit around where you like, smack on some cream and hit the beach all day with my buddies, whats wrong with that? THATS THE PROBLEM! Youre right though, because it is not wrong, it worries, and pisses me off! Its not just YOUR bank holiday. Therefore, everybody starts arranging an all day trip and hit the beach. Everybody! In the entire UK!

In addition, They ALL go to the packed over-glorified fucking acres of sand and ocean and get sun burnt. However, YOU KNOW the weather is always crap over here, and it always seems to go all crap on every other holiday. HOWEVER, FOR SOME ODD REASON, IT IS AT ITS WORST ON EVERY BANK HOLIDAY! It is okay over there because The United States is gargantuan! But look at the size of us! We look like a housefly compared to you (in geology) and you are lucky to have the weather when you need it over there! Moreover, we have to put up with the damn rain. I can't help thinking that the whole fucking country would capsize one bank holiday. Because of these idiots going to the other side of the goddamn country, you will now get early morning traffic all morning and rush hour all night, and sometimes all day EVERY BANK HOLIDAY! And Remember, this happens all over the UK.

And for those who do not go and help these morons jump up and down to topple the goddamn country upside-down, they just either sit there or watch cable TV. Moreover, for the bored people who watch TV, even with cable, there is not one fucking thing worth watching ALL DAY! I AM NOT KIDDING YOU HERE!

I'll tell you what, next bank holiday; if you have nothing better to do. Play a video game, or just sleep all day. Maybe your flamboyant imagination will think up something amusing for you.

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