August 20, 2003

RANT #201: Society & Politics
Summary: It really pisses me off.
Full Text:

Ever notice how some letters sound cooler than others. Perhaps how H sounds cooler than F. Or if all the letters were kids on a playground J would be everyone's bestfriend while W was a bit of a nerd. You don't? Well....

This Rant is about the so called coolest letter on the alphabet playground. The one with sunglasses and a leather jacket. The letter "X".

Although I enjoy the letter "X" in certain titles like "x-rated" or "X-men" it doesn't belong everyhwere. Recently "X" has sold himself out, apparently porn and comics books weren't enough. Too many people include "X" in their every day life. For the most part they take words and spell them incorrectly just to use the letter "X" or emphasize its presence like in "gymanstix" or "xcellent".

I mean it's not even in the majority of our words. Maybe if X were a vowel it would be more practical.

And it's even more annoying to see people add the letter X to there screename as well just to show their appreciation of the godamn letter. For christsake a friend of mine now calls himself JCX. As opposed to Josh Chan. THe letter used to be cool and now everyone's using it so much it's become obsolete like the words "heinous" ,"radical", or "cowabunga".

Somebody MAKE IT STOP!

*pulls out all the x keys from the keyboards at work with a screwdriver and sets them on fire*

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