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August 15, 2003

RANT #200: Society & Politics
God- The real one
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Now I'm thinking. Some recieve "messages" from God. Like "God told me to find a cure for cancer" or "God said I'd be famous". In the good ol days I'm sure plenty would say they recieve messages from above and they would be taken seriously to a certain extent.

Now assuming there is a God, and according to 90% of the world there is, what if I supposedly really did recieve a message from God? I'm atheist, but for arguments sake I'll be a good little christian. What if God told me "Eat potatoes for the rest of your life and prosperity will follow". If I were any other person I'd think I was crazy. But what if someone recieved an official signed and approved bonafide certified message from God. Would anyone take them seriously? Should we commit them to a mental institute? Or should we ask them more questions? I would put them in the padded playhouse,but that's me .

What if I sent a letter to the Pope and addressed it from God. Should "I" be taken seriously? Probably not. But God should. I know God wouldn't take Fedex as a messenger of the holy but maybe he thinks its too cliche to send a dove whenever another taco needs to be made in the likeness of the virgin Mary. Hell if I was God I'd have email (As JP once mentioned in a previous rant).

Or what about the whole idea of Jesus coming back to pick flowers spread love and then die again? What if I was Jesus but I didn't know it. In theory I could be. No ones to say that I can't be. I may have commited sins but just as there are discrepancies in the bible there could be some in the character of Jesus. Maybe he grew his hair out long to rebel and turned into the first hippy. In fact now I'm fairly convinced I am jesus. And in theory I shouldn't be told I'm crazy if I think so. Or should I? Yes, yes I should.

For the believers: Doesn't that all go against the idea of believing in something that isn't there?

For the rest: Yea yea I know I know, I'm on your side.

Hell, If I weren't atheist I probably would argue the fact that I am Jesus. I suppose I'm just pointing out another flaw in the system.

Don't mind me.

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