Nicholas Lasch
November 27, 2000

RANT #20: Misc.
Summary: Nicholas Lasch, the idiot, is bugging me. I may just be forced to dispose of him.
Full Text:

Well, well, well. Here we are again. I was just halfway through typing you up an thouroughly entertraining and interesting e-mail when my compatriot here, Mr. Nicholas Lasch, decided to augment my message by clicking the Rich Text Format button while I was typing mid sentance and somehow managed to delete the entire message save one word. This is not an isolated incident (he is speaking to me now, but I listen not, he is pleading his case, trying to straighten the facts so that he can justify his actions in his own twisted mind and continue his harassing destruction of my digital property). No more! The next visual basic crash caused by him, the next flayed e-mail, the next time I leave my computer and come back to see not the program I was writing but instead a download screen explaining to me that I will soon have another chapter of Final Fantasy's music safely tucked away into my space (or worse, being played out of the speakers on my computer, bringing down the wrath of my fellow classmates who share my opinion that this music is neither pleasing to the ear nor condusive to a good work environment[I have heard good music from this series of games, don't get me wrong, it's just that our friend (screw you jp) Nick doesn't download THAT, oh no, he finds the worst of everything]), the next time any of these occurences fill the sight of my weary eyes, or pound their way into my abused ears, when this happens, NICK DIES!!! I will seperate his spirit from his body, the breath from his lungs, his head from his shoulders, I WILL DESTROY HIM! If it comes to blatant diregard for school property, I will drop a monitor on his head. I'm not above that.
Hopefully it wont come to that though. Maybe I'm being a little excessive. Maybe I mean it though.

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