Don't you hate mindless forwards?
November 27, 2000

RANT #2: Computers & Internet
Dr. Mike
Full Text:

Oh Lord, if you haven't abandoned this rapidly unravelling world yet, please listen to me.  There are several people out there who I hardly even know (yes, and there are a couple) who keep on sending me the most mundane forwards in the world.  I think they may be doing this on purpose because no one (as I would like very strongly to believe) is that ridiculously inconsiderate.  Please make it stop.
It has to stop.
Please, anyone?
Jesus?  Yahweh?  Manitou?  Brahman?  The Ghostbusters, even?

DO NOT send me ehugs.
DO NOT send me ekisses.
DO NOT send me cute stories that bring a small smile to the mouths of the ignorant.
DO NOT send me surveys that will take me an hour or more to complete.
DO NOT send me chain letters that say that if I pass it on, I will get a cheque for fourteen thousand dollars in the mail, because Bill Gates is paying people to forward stuff because he wants the information for research.
REMEMBER, there is NO WAY to trace a forward.
REMEMBER, hotmail IS NOT testing to see who uses their accounts to delete the ones who don't.
REMEMBER, the amount of my life that you steal in sending me these has a DIRECT RELATION to my opinion of you as a person.
And I know who you are.
Thanks folks.

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