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August 9, 2003

RANT #198: Society & Politics
Summary: This is all your fault.
Full Text:

I'm mad at you.  No, no, don't get offended.  It's not your fault.

Okay, yes it is.

C'mere and take a look at this.


You know, I try and cut you some slack.  I think, "Hey, they'll grow out of it.  Next year they'll be electing people who can make a difference.  One more year."

And now you've gone and pulled something like this.

I don't know why you think Arnold would make a good Governor.  You MUST.  If you didn't, then he wouldn't run.  It'd be rather silly to spend all that money on election funds because you think you'll LOSE.

And you CHEER him, too.  Crowds gather, watching for the big man himself.  Praying to catch a glimpse of the Terminator-turned-pumped-up-politician.  I realize he has more testosterone than the rest of Austria combined, however, this does not make him a good person to have running your STATE.

So I'm gonna watch.  Praying that you don't elect him.  That you call this for the publicity stunt of an aging actor, and leave him to his grand dillusions.  And when you elect him governor, I'll cry.

I'll cry because next, he'll probably run for the Presidency.

And you'll probably elect him then too.

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