Death to hypocisy
March 29, 2003

RANT #181: Society & Politics
money maken playa
Summary: why the leftist pigs should die
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Death to hypocisy. they preach for peace and love but they pay for death and distruction. they bring chaos and hope for anarchy. the hypocrites are the filth of the earth. they buy their drugs get high and have fun at the expenses of other people. the money which they spend goes to the drug catels of South America. cartels like the cali cartel in columbia. they thend pay FARC to guard their products. and what does the FARC do with the money? They pay for weapons which they then use to kill people with. so why do the hypocrites care soo much about the people in the middle east and not the people in south america? and why dont they try to stop the genocide in africa? i never see anybody protesting shit like that. they just want to hear and see certain things. so maybe they should die and not all the other people they could help but dont.

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