Top Ten Editor(s)
March 29, 2003

RANT #180: Tangmonkey Sucks
Man Alive
Summary: Save us your snarky comments
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Why do you, Top Ten editor, always feel the need to add your own 2 cents to every goddamn submission?

Do you believe your snide-ass comments will encourage more people to submit Top Tens?

Granted, most Top Tens have been a total waste of bandwidth, but we the readers don't need some shmo editor to point that out to us.  Your added remarks are just a further waste of our motherfucking time!

The most recent Top Ten ("TV Shows Made Better by Reversing their Premise") was the funniest submission of the past several months.  Here's what the editor had to say: "Ugh...This top ten makes my brain hurt.  Of course that could be from lack of sleep and too much stress."

Now, what was the purpose of writing that?  Do you feel that you must comment on each and every submission?  No!  Save us the details of your pathetic afflictions!

Listen, the whole nature of the Top Ten is that it builds like a crescendo, from #10 to #1.  The climax, so to speak, should be the #1 entry.  Adding editorial comment after the #1 entry means shifting the climax to your comment.  That destroys the whole effect.

And don't add in your own ideas for entries on the list.  Write one your motherfucking self!

Stop polluting the Top Ten space.

Thank you.

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