March 21, 2003

RANT #178: Society & Politics
Summary: Person person had a good point.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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I would just like to say here that Nashville has the dumbest local news shows ever.  Local news in general is lame; unless you live in New York City or some other huge metropolis, there's just not that much going on.  So after they report all the real news in five minutes, they have to fill up the rest of the time with bad cooking segments with such names as "Chef Cletus' Mmm-mmm Good Cookin' " and shameless emotional blackmail such as "How (random item) Could KILL YOUR CHILDREN!"

To Nashville news anchors: I neither need nor want to know that (a) terrorists might strike the Country Music Hall of Fame, So Be Prepared And Watch This Station; or (b)what the weather forecast is in Iraq. I am not in Iraq, so reports upon its weather are of absolutely no use to me.  It is both painful and sad to watch you cast desperately for some sort of a local angle to what's going on in Iraq. I hate you all, Local News Shows. I hate you all so very, very much. I fantasize about tying you all to a chair in a "Clockwork Orange" type fashion and force you to watch your own idiot shows and Teletubbies reruns, not to condition you in any way, but simply because that's how it has happened to me this week. I see no reason why you fuckheads shouldn't suffer too.

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