The Tower draws nearer
March 9, 2003

RANT #174: Arts & Entertainment
Smokin Joe
Summary: The Dark Tower, gunslingers, doors, desert
Full Text:

I just want to let the world know, (in my opinion of course) "the dark tower" series by stephen king is the best peice of fiction since the bible!The opening line is "The Man In Black fled across the desert and the gunslinger followed." Roland is the name of the gunslinger, hes trained to kill with the guns his father passed down to him. He is on a search for a tower. a dark tower which is basically, the linchpin of all time and existence,  in the SECOND chapter,  this guy Roland kills an entire town of people. 37 men 14 women and 5 children. "The Gunslinger" is honestly one of the best books i have EVER read. I recommend it to fiction and fantasy fans,  to romantic and to comical fans, and also to people who havent read a book in thier lives. The Gunslinger is the first book, then The Drawing of the Three, The Waste Lands, Wizard and Glass, and the fifth book wolves of calla is coming out in november. and the last book in the series november the next year. i read the 4th book 4 years ago! and ive been waiting for the next for so long!i cant wait.

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