Media Empie in the UK sucks bollocks
January 18, 2003

RANT #169: Arts & Entertainment
Summary: TV isn't so good anymore
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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I bet you lot over there watch TV for absoloute ages, even whole weekends. But if i was the chairman of the bbc, I would repeat several Programs like captin Scarlet and Thunderbirds every Friday. and show programs that don't even entertain the saddest of people. (like Cherrie Blair and her World famous crying game)

Anyway, you people are probably lucky to have american TV which fits currency rates and your patheticly modified language. you're lucky because our TV sucks. Most of it is cruel (but no doubt funny) we have to listen to NTL's array of dubious channels to watch and stay tuned. and most of it is either american, crap or baby rubbish... Like the one you call Barney.

Your so called "messages" no doubt last no more than thirty seconds, but our's is as long as an hour. there is nothing else you can do except... uh... stay tuned...


If you lot are so lucky to have a half decent media empire, why can't old gloryville have at least a few respect. We have all gone through the same things like world war I/II. and nearly been through a disastorous wipeout that could very well destroy the nothern hemisphere.

I had reached my point, people DO NOT want crap channels to watch and live on James Bond movies. James Bond is about the only american thing I will watch, because it is interesting and has sex. If James bond was real, MI6 would send him to the BBC to kill stupid TV Executives.

But he is not, so show our media empire no mercy. And it is not just the TV to blast at, it is e-mail which offers dumb awards. And the radio which displays nothing other than sad popstars. Lets kill people or hi-jack a plane or something, maybe someone will... stay tuned...

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