Women Are The Scum Of The Earth
November 27, 2000

RANT #16: Misc.
Joe Alias
Summary: Too long have women been able to just "live in our society". The time has come for them to be rejected, sent back to whence they came.
Full Text:

I know this is a touchy subject, one that should be tackled with poise and discipline. Women have, after all, had a long, arduous battle to gain the equality they have today. They lived for many centuries as second-class citizens, tossed aside while men attained all the glory. This may seem, especially after the ingestion of ludicrous feminist propaganda, to be a horrible thing, but as you will shortly discover: it is even more than they deserve.
I dont want to be mistaken, I like women. I believe that women are very useful for purposes such as cooking, cleaning, working in sweat shops, scientific experimentation, crash test subjects, breeding, and perhaps other simple, easy-to-do jobs that require little physical aptitude or intelligence.

The plague that is female equality began in New Zealand in the early 20th century. New Zealand was the first country in the entire world to grant women the power to vote, thus hurling our entire society into a giant pit of eternal doom. This first moment is viewed as a major victory for the fairer(a polite word for useless) sex. It is, however never mentioned who it was who passed the original law allowing women this privilege. You guessed it, it was men in the New Zealand Parliament who originally passed this bill; women where apparently not even smart or motivated enough to gain equality independently. Surely, if women truly were equals to men, they could have done this on their own.

For further evidence to the superiority of men, we can look to the history books. Any history book is filled to the brim with outstanding examples of men who have changed the world with their wisdom, bravery and tenacity. Jesus Christ, Alexander the Great, Napoleon Bonaparte, Thomas Edison, Albert Einstein, and Al Gore are all excellent examples of the countless men who have done great things for society. When we comb the history books for prominent female figures, we find only two; Joan of Arc and Marie Curie. Joan of Arc, first of all, was a witch, rightfully burned at the stake by men, but only after she had helped kill hundreds of innocent British men. Marie Curie, on the other hand, is praised for her discovery of Radium, but it is forgotten that she was too stupid to recognize the radiation poisoning inherent with her newly discovered substance. She was killed by her stupidity, a mistake no man would ever make.

Athletics are another area in which females fail miserably. They are so weak, slow and stupid that they are not even allowed to compete against men. In fact, a quick analysis of times for the 100m dash show that each and every man in the Olympics for this event has an average time that is better than the female world record. It is obvious that if women would put in as much effort as men, they should do as well in athletic competition. This just goes to prove that women are, and this is fact, incredibly lazy.

Perhaps, if you are not already convinced that females are vastly inferior to men, then my last point will surely win your belief. Now, I am a young man, of genius level intelligence, with dashingly good looks (I could be a model if I wished), am very generous to all people, have a wonderful personality, am personally wealthy and I am very fit. If women were truly intelligent creatures, they would surely be drooling over me, and I would have to run from madly screaming throngs of beautiful young naked girls as part of my daily routine. You will be amazed to hear that this does not happen, In fact I rarely get dates and women never pay much attention to me. This, to me, is proof enough that women are not intelligent. Did I mention that women are cold, icy creatures with hearts of stone, devoid of all emotion? It is a fact. Women are the scum of the earth, a plague that has engulfed the whole planet. Granting them equal rights was the first step towards Armageddon; Women must be stopped before it is too late.


If you are female and wish to discuss the essay you have just read, then why dont you send me an e-mail at JoeAlias@tangmonkey.com? Perhaps we could talk about your views over a nice quiet dinner, and then we could maybe even have sex together. Note: Maximum 6 lucky ladies per night.

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