Dear Jeff Bezos
December 10, 2002

RANT #159: Consumer
Sam Elliot
Summary: the fun that is the Amazon / CDnow merge
Full Text:

Dear Jeff,

I sure am excited about the welcoming CDnow to the family!  After all, what's not to like about my preferred online music site being replaced by Amazon's crappy layout?  I love the fewer available sound clips.  And frankly, I'm relieved that the site uses RealAudio exclusively.  It's the most!  Kudos to not listing the names of the band members and production credits.  I've been asking myself, why on earth would I ever want to know how info such as how long the album is, how long each song is, or who wrote a particular song.  Ditto for the artist biography - nobody would want to read that.  Who needs that junk?  Not me.  You read my mind when you let those features die with the old site.

It's also nice that items are listed with a picture and brief description, so that most searches require me to scroll through several pages to find what I want. But at least I can count on seeing an abundance of silly lists.

Of course I admire the clever references to your new clothing department on almost every page.  Also, the one click shopping feature has given me great ideas.  What else could be one clickable?  How about one-click-get-that-daggum-cat-out-of-the-bird-bath?  Sounds like a winner!

Well, best of luck to you in making more money than you could ever hope to spend!


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