Yanks murdered our language!
November 29, 2002

RANT #153: Misc.
Summary: You are all BRITISH! HAHAHAHA!!!!!!!!! WARNING, RUDE EDUCATION TALK AHEAD!!!!!!!!!!
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Wellllllllllllll, didn't you people you are all a nephew of some sort of departured sailor that left a port like Southampton? No? I will let you in on a story...

The Plains Indians were nomadic, moving around to follow the herds of buffalo, which they hunted (for food, not just shooting Willy nilly)

In warfare, warriors of the Plains Indians often took scalps to achieve honor. Which you thought that it was to make fun out of you, Bastard!
They might also just tap an enemy in battle with a stick rather than kill him; this was called 'counting coup' NOT 'being gay'.

The Indians respected old people because they thought they had become wise with experience.  We know that women were regarded as significant in Indian society, although they had few rights, because the woman kept all the possessions if a man divorced her, NOT you do what I say, bitch!

As for kids they were to behave from an early age, and they were treated with love and kindness. The Plains Indians believed in the Great Spirit, Wakan tanka (NOT Wanker Tanker) and believed that the earth was their 'mother' and belonged to all creatures that used it. THIS IS WHAT YOU GUYS WERE SUPPOSED TO BRING TODAY!!!!!!!!!


(or was it the atlantic, i don't give a shit anymore)

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