The Warzone of Tangmonkey
November 15, 2002

RANT #148: Apologies
Jimmy, The First Chimp in Space
Summary: My opinion, Why i dont understand others.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

people, people, with all due respect to yuri (ive calmed down and i think he should to) i do believe this is supposed to be a funny site.  if i am in anyway wrong i urge one of the webmasters to post it as a comment so i can be corrected and stop laughing whenever i visit this site.  i just cant help it it is so damn funny.
but, in response to yuri, im NOT an adult, IM 15 FUCKING YEARS OLD! I DONT HAVE A FUCKING DEVELOPED SENSE OF HUMOR! I WRITE WHAT I THINK IS FUNNY AND POST IT TO BE PROUD OF MYSELF FOR GETTING ON MY FAVORITE WEBSITE (apparently this wont be my favorite anymore if its not supposed to be funny)! grow down dude, not everything in life is serious. but if you think im so damn immature e-mail me about it. ill even leave my e-mail address this time so you can write me telling me how the fact that i thought the mcarthy hearings were funny is stupid.  thats your opinion not mine.  my friends and i (bling bling kool sava, and one guy who wrote the peeing thing) are just trying to be funny in our own special way.  Yuri, you are ruining this (quite frankly i have some questions for anyone who e-mails me and tells me my opinions are stupid)for anyone who thought they could write funny things for this site.  I may have said i started this war, but i sure as hell hope this ends it. (i personally apologize to anyone who is offended by my use of language, but it had to be said).

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