I don't like serious people
November 13, 2002

RANT #143: Society & Politics
Jimmy, The First Chimp in Space
Summary: c'mon people, ranting is supposed to be funny. Yuri Gahagafaga is a moron. (this has terrible grammar)
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

i was looking today, at the rant column.  my friend told me i should read his (he wrote the bubble muncher one you facists hate so much).  I thought it was quite funny because it was stupid and made no sense.  some of you ruskie bastards will ding me for this and i will recieve bad comments.  Fuck You.  ranting needs to be funny.  this is a comedy website not some place for you to have a warm, ruskie chat about the temperatures in siberia and how cold it is up there.  (actually, i'm in alaska, so its probably the same wussies).  I will also probably get shouted at for not ACTUALLY reading that communist pig's rant.  Fuck Him. if you do get all self-righteous and egotistic on me, ill spam the hell out of you (i can! MUAHAHA! im evil! really! im planning on using my death ray tommorow afternoon!).  see what i mean? even the shit in parenthesis can be funny! or funny to me anyways.  but, who cares what you think im gonna keep posting over yuri until i die or he does.

                          It's Fargin War.

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