Peeing crooked
November 13, 2002

RANT #142: Misc.
Summary: I pee crooked, do you?
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

Ahhhhhhh!, I Peee crooked and it really hurtz really bad, I hats pein crooked, it makes my all sore to the tip and owwww! Do you pee crooked, cause it burns reeeel bad and every time I go to pee i gets it alllll over the seat and then i comes back to take a poo and i get pee all over my dingleberries, HEY, I LOVES MY DINGLEBERRIES! NOW THEY ARE ALL WET. and what am i to do wen my girlfriend, whom ive proudly given the nick-name bigg johnson, sit all over my peepee and get mad and make me clean it and then the john clogs and i have to use my face as a plunger, that is soooo not fun..... my balls itch

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