November 12, 2002

RANT #136: Misc.
Jimmy, The First Chimp in Space
Summary: Long time reader, First time ranter, if all goes well it may be a regular occurance.
Full Text:

Greetings all you canadiens, americans, and various other members of other nationalities.

I've never really ranted before, but today as I sat in my world history class and blew off what my teacher was saying, I thought to myself, "Why can't I rant? This world is fairly stupid, I should have beef with everyone."  So, I went deep into a meditative trance and decided to subject all of you finks and hippies to my ceaseless blabbering (which has been scientifically proven to cause cancer in lab rats).
So, as a now self-inducted member in the club of people who rant alot club, I would like to say a hearty "How-do?".  Besides, if you all go all critisizey on me I can always switch aliases and try again.
Also, as my first real ranting, think that the tangmonkey web-kaisers should make a rant section for people who think this is rant section is a blog (ramasaur, I'm looking at your rant about the stolen cds.) You could call it "Section for People Who Think This 'Rant' Idea is Their Personal Blog". Of course, I really shouldn't be trashing ramasaur since I will probably be the most frequent writer to this section (have my heartfelt apologies ramasaur).  Oh well.  Sucks to be you guys.

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