Rant About a Rant.
October 26, 2002

RANT #134: Misc.
Summary: Those who watch cartoon network will know
Full Text:

You know, Cartoons today are very very strange, even the new Tom and Jerry ones. But there is a feature in "sheep in the big city" that lets you watch this ranting Sweede, who talks absolute crap the whole time.

I think it would be more funny if this idiot would fall flat on his face or run off a cliff. You know, Slapstick! You Don't get to see old outdated comedy nowadays. in other words.


Ahem, sorry I got a bit dramatic there.

I love ranting so much, that I love tangmonkey, And i've  got a new golden orangy sort of skin to go on my media player. well i've got to go and feed my pet ferret's spam to him then (His name is Stinky :) )


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