October 2, 2002

RANT #133: Society & Politics
Summary: This time it's personal.
Full Text:

I just got robbed. They came into my house in the space of two and a half hours when my roommates and I were gone. How they knew this, I don't know. They took my spare change.  My spare change, and $1700 worth of CDs.

The CDs were important to me. I know, I know, material posessions aren't supposed to be important. Fight Club, Charlie Brown, Dr. Seuss, they've all hammered it into my head over and over with gigantic nintendo-style hammers. But you see, it wasn't the physical CDs that they took.

It was my ability to dance around in my room like a moron.

My collection of CDs sustained me through a messy preadolescence, and an even messier teenage-hood. They made Lisgar tolerable (a formidable feat). They spiced up nights in with nice boys, and they made me draw. They pushed me they'd fulfilled a different function. Dancing around in my room for hours, probably looking like eight banshees stapled together, had become one of my key hobbies.

In stealing my CDs, these bastards restored my dignity.

I will never forgive them for this.

[Ramasaur departs for unknown secret alleyways in which she will burn things and cry.]

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