Love Dem' Baby Cheeks
November 27, 2000

RANT #13: Misc.
Summary: Is there something wrong with chubby cheeks. I think the world needs more of them.
Full Text:

Do you realize how cute babies are with their chubby little cheeks? Why do we insist on getting rid of them as we grow up. I mean, you can't help but feel happier when you see a baby with chubby cheeks. If everyone in the world all had chubby cheeks, we'd all feel better. This would bring in a new world stage of peace and prosperity for all. The happier we are, the harder we work. It's quite logical. It's too late for all of us who are set in our ways, but there is still a chance for you youngins out there. Stop trying to get rid of that beautiful blubber in your cheeks. Nurture it, be proud of it, cherish it, it will be our savior. Change is always difficult, but the advantages which you can reap will be enormous. It really does not cost you anything, in fact it would save you work, as you wouldn't have burn it off. So, all of you out there who want a better world - start hoarding that baby fat to form an Earth that we'd all be proud of.

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