Writing a Rant
November 27, 2000

RANT #12: Misc.
Summary: Why does everyone keep bugging me to write a rant, If I have something to rant about I'll rant about it, leave me alone.
Full Text:

"Write a rant for the site JP.., we need more rants for the site JP.., lets go JP.. you're hurting me.."
Write a rant? Sure, what do you want me to rant about?

Herein lies the problem, not a whole lot of stuff angers me. My life is good, in fact I'd say I've got a pretty sweet deal going, sure I wouldn't mind changing a few things but for the most part I'm quite pleased with things. I don't have a huge number of important things to worry about. If it dosen't directly concern me, why should I get mad over it? Sure, the many social injustices in the world cause me to cringe and say things like "That's not right" but get angry over it? I think not. I feel for others, I really do, just not anger. Anger I save for special occations when nothing else will do. Besides write down my anger? You scream it, yell it, huff and puff about it, swear it, hack a server..

Maybe I should stick to topics that simply agrivate me. Even then I'd be at a bit of a loss to think of anything, what with my fairy-tale life and all. Perhaps it's just a case of lack of motivation. All I need to do is get a guy to poke me with a stick every 10 seconds, then I could write all sorts of rants. Like ones entitled "Stop poking me in the arm!" and "I'm paying you how much?". Of course it's possible that I'd get severely injured before I got ticked enough to write about it.

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