Ahhh, summer and the sweet smell of your timely death.
July 9, 2002

RANT #118: Misc.
Y. Orange
Summary: I hope you die.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
Full Text:

I hate you.  I really cannot stand the sight of you.  The way you wheeze when you breathe makes me want to pull out my own lungs and give them to you so I never have to hear the phlegm and congestion that is your weary, wicked, and soiled soul.  I hope that you rot in you basement for years after you decide to hang your sorry pathetic ass before anyone with a decent sense of smell walks by and notices a slight funk coming from the basement window.  I hope that the chicken you are eating right now is undercooked.
I hope that the radish you just swallowed whole, since you are too fat and hungry to bother with chewing, gets lodged in your throat, and the only entity in the entire house to save you is also your only friend, the goldfish in the spaghetti-o's can.  But he can't save you, can he?  Because he's a fish.  And I hope that if he could save you, he wouldn't.

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