Devil's Pit chapter2
May 22, 2002

RANT #113: Arts & Entertainment
Joe Jackson
Summary: Devil was approaching the palce...
Full Text:

Devil was approaching the place.
Nebula was still there. Devil was able
to use the nebula, and he did. But it
took all gained energy to find the path of the power.
Dark Star was here, and indeed was moving towards deep
space at 5 to 6 ly in an hour. Devil didn give up
and started following the Dark Star.
It was hard job to keep up. But with hard work he
was able to almost reachit when suddenly lightning
out of nowhere crashed into him. And powerful pulled him
down and down and he couldnt get up. He was unable to move.
Electric force of great power stunned him.
At the same instant he heard the voice.
He never heard it before and puzzled he started listening.
It didn't make any sense but Devil knew many languages
and he was able to translate it .
"come us...use The Dark portal.."
And just then he felt like energy darkset he ever felt
came into him and after awhile he was after the Star.
Finally he saw it small yet powerful, Dark Star.
Devil grabed the Star.
It was supernova. He felt that explosion is pushing him somwhere.
He tried to block it but it was impossible. Devil was dragged into
the wormhole.

When he  was able to see, he looked around.
World much like  earth was upon his eyes.
To be continued

(i would appreciate if you refrain from stealing this..)

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