Devils Pit chapter1
May 22, 2002

RANT #112: Arts & Entertainment
Joe Jackson
Summary: mmmmmm.........little story you might like
Full Text:

Devil was upset.He had his reasons.
For past five years he didnt win a single
battle against his opponent, god.
It was even obvious that he is losing
his territory on the doomed planet.
His eyesight came upon it too late, because
god had 50 percent of it for himself.
But Devil was thinking that he still can
destroy gods' army of light.
Didn't work out. First few battles he won
but after that he couldnt get enough demons
and necromancers to fight against powerful
angels.And now Devil knew he lost the planet.
He felt anger, as powerful as once when he
was kicked out of heaven. It took him many
centuries  to destroy heaven and the whole
planet with it. But god was as powerful as he is
and with his first strike Devils five planets
became history. It was a disaster. Every galaxy
he would go to god woulld follow him.
And once Devil was losing planet he didnt
want god to look at. He had no choice but
create supernova powerful enough to wipe out
whole galaxy with angels and his own troops.
But now it was Devils last fortress. And
he was not capable of destroying opponent army
without those pity, but yet powerful humans.
Yes, he needed them. He wasnt careful and human
race was wiped out. It was obvious aliens dont
exist, but he kept searching. Sadly, he didnt even find planet with any life form.
They were all nice and lonely...
It was gods' plan. He knew it.
He created them, and they were only source for Devil to be powerful. And now they were gone,
and Devil wasn't just powerful enough.
Now only choice he had is to find that amulet
of power he lost three thousand years ago.
He was on a planet with his brother, and
god destroyed planet creating supernova, Devil was
able to escape but his brother was
dead and he lost the amulet.
He now knew he had to find it.

When he was leaving the palnet behind
he could see that all his slaves and
solider were dying unable to kill angels.
Of course demons were killing angels but
it was tough and usually explosion after
killing angel would wipe out everybody
at the range of 100 meters.
But Devil had no time to lose.
Amulet of Power so-called
Dark Star was waiting.

To be countiniued
(write me if I have any mistakes!)

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