May 5, 2002

RANT #111: Misc.
The Dude
Full Text:

I'm not sure how it works with all of you Canadians, but over here the minute it gets warmer than 70 degrees (read: almost all year), about 85% of the student body starts sporting their flip-flops, or occasionally some other type of sandal.  At first this didn't really bother me, but lately it has been driving me insane, to the point where I've developed this awful twitch and have taken to impromptu miming in public.  Here's the problem: it seems that when people put these things on, they forget how to walk properly and it becomes an awkward shuffling.  Most of the time this is accompanied by the cell phone yakking combination that tends to give an overall image of stupidity, especially when one overhears snippets of conversation as "...and I was like, okay!" or "no f***in' way, dude!".  But the worst part is that damn noise they make.  Especially since I'm always trying to read over at the library and have to put up with the constant clacking and shuffling that goes on in there.  Now, I'm really not one to complain usually, but STOP THE INSANITY!

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