Why, oh why hast though forsaken me, Daft Punk?
April 16, 2002

RANT #104: Arts & Entertainment
Summary: Well, if you though their first album was good, you're in for a little shock...
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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Gone is the harsh, debilitating sounds so common on Daft Punks last CD (under their current title there was that little Stardust incident, but I digress). Missing are the harsh electronic whine that so characterized this dynamic duo. Today, Daft Punks newest album entitled Discovery, seems to draw more from the Happy Hardcore and dance genres. The songs have a positive spin, with entirely enjoyable sound and lights (well, maybe the lights are just in my head, but I digress).

Why am I complaining, you might ask? Well, this is just another aspect of the commercialization of music. No longer is it an art form, a forum for personal expression, but merely another money-making industry, a gratuitous T&A session, a whorehouse of the soul if you will. And the fact that I LOVE the album (perhaps even more than the aforementioned Homework) just blows off my marbles! The fact is that I want to buy some of this shitty music because I like it! How could I let this happen? How did Shaggy find his way into my CD collection?

Well, its a great CD (Discovery, not Shaggy) so check it out, or Ill cut ya!

Ooooo, and it comes with this card with which you can download remixes of the net, but they're so bad they'll make your eyes water!

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