I loathe your presence
March 23, 2002

RANT #102: Misc.
Summary: Hating people that think they know you.
Questionable Content This rant contains profanity or other offensive material.
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Gwah. Just today I once again meet face to face with a pest who associates himself with me. The kid'd name is "Stretch" and every single time I see him he has to come up to me and pat me on the shoulder so I can acknowledge his presence.

I'm usually a nice guy but some people can't stop or notice the right things at the right times.

Why? I've only said hello to him once out of common courtesy and now he thinks I'm his best friend. Not only that but if he sees me I have to disapear or he goes out of his way to come up tap me on the shoulder and say something like "Hey, I'm gonna do my homework, See ya". Well Ladeeda. I don't give a flying shit.

At first I was polite n all. But he just doesn't stop. It's like having your arms beaten off by an ever so persistent tapping.

Now even after several efforts to show I don't enjoy him touching me on the shoulder he still doesn't seem to get people skills etched into the soft mush he has for a brain. That's what you get when they get public schools to educate the mentally deficient.

So the next time I see him despite my vows to pacificm I'm ready to make few exceptions to break the next hand that bothers my left shoulder just to say "Hi, I'm stronger than you, no I'm not Im just joking. I joke alot because I'm funny. " I swear BANG ZOOM straight to the moon.

Also seeing how's I can also prevent any further engagements with "Stretch" I'm forwading this link to him so he gets the idea. Thank you tangmonkey.

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