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March 20, 2002

RANT #101: Misc.
Summary: I'm angry. Plus my oreo cookies have grown stale.
Full Text:

Recently I (Ramasaur) posted a rant upon this very site, where it enjoyed "most recent rant" status and was basking in the sunlight of the main page. Unfortunately, its glory was eclipsed hardly a day later by a rant which contained few to no sentences. The aforementioned rant seemed better suited for a top ten, and it wasn't even funny, unlike the rip-roaring kneeslappin' thrill ride that was my rant.
Once upon a time, rants on tangmonkey.com were very cool, well-written thingies. Now they're short, profane, and 100% devoid of laughter. I say, bring back the golden age of rants and stop being so goddamn lazy, people.
Oh, and don't ever steal my sunshine again, or I will roll you up in a carpet and throw you off a bridge, and you will hit a very spiny tree on the way down, fracturing several bones, and land in a river full of crocodiles and the crocodiles will eat your brains and while they're destroying you piece by piece two crocodiles will get hold of the same atom and in fighting for it they'll pull it apart unleashing the mighty nuclear forces within and the world will be destroyed in a catastropic blaze of fire and destruction and then I will go to hell and beat you up.

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