A Canadian Team in the NBA Playoffs?!
November 27, 2000

RANT #10: Sports & Activities
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Summary: Finally Canada is getting good at basketball.
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What's this? A Canadian basketball team in the NBA playoffs. That's right, it's true the Toronto Raptors have made it, and as slim as their chances may be I'm behind them all the way. Now I must admit that I didn't really follow them during the regular season, however during the last few games of the season I did check their record in the newspaper and watched the highlights on TSN. Frankly I'm still getting used to the idea that Canada has any basketball teams, let alone two. Perhaps we just don't want to be left off the American bandwagon and perhaps that is the reason that we have two professional baseball teams. Hopefuly we won't ever be left with just two professional hockey teams "just so that we can still feel included".
Unfortunately the Raptors lost their first ever playoff game to the New York Knicks and are now down one-nothing in their Best-of-Five series. It will be interesting to see how well the Raptors do in the rest of the series and the playoffs as well as how much hype and attention the Canadian media give the Raptors and the sport of basketball during the NBA playoffs. Over the past few years I have noticed an increased interest in the sport in Canada; games have been braodcast on CTV, CTV Sports net and TSN. My interest in the NBA peaked during the last playoff series that Michael Jordan played in; seeing him play was a real treat. I'm glad that I saw him play in several games instead of just seeing him in highlight reels. I suppose that players like Michael Jordan and Wayne Gretzky have popularized their respective sports and that is the reason why the NHL has expanded to the south and the NBA has expanded to the north. Anyway - Good Luck Raptors!!!

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