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Inventions: A Part of our Heritage
7.2.2001 by Professor Particle

There's nothing like Canada day to make you realise that Canada is a boring place... or at least that's the image that seems to be projected to Canadians and Non-Canadians alike. I too suffer from the self-deprecating anti-nationalism that is symptomatic of living the Staid White North, but I'd take that over jingoistic fervour any day. How did Canada become written-off as being defined by a handful of terms? Canada = Cold, Hockey-obsessed, harmless.

Many attribute it to ignorance of our history. For instance, a recent poll showed that two-thirds of Canadians cannot even name ONE Canadian scientist of inventor. Imagine how that statistic drops off outside of Canada. I'm sure that there are more Canadians who can tell you about the American revolution, or how a bill becomes a law in the States. Damn School House Rock and their infernal catchy songs! Canadians just aren't aware and/or vocal about their contributions to humanity. That's why I think a brief list of Canadian inventions will show everyone once and for all that Canada is much more than it's bland stereotype:

Aircraft de-icer, compound revolving snow shovels for trains, ski-binding, the snowblower, the snowmobile, the rotary snowplow, umm...

Alright, you've got to expect Canadians to adapt to their climate, but there's more to Canada than enduring ice and snow. Canadian inventions have enhanced the lives of millions:

Basketball, five-pin bowling, the goalie mask, lacrosse, the Stanley Cup, table hockey, uhhh...

... enhanced the lives of millions of sports fans at least. But , come on! Who can deny the intellectual stimulation of these:

Balderdash, IMAX, Pictionary, Puzz-3d, Roller-skates, A Question of Scruples, Superman, Trivial Pursuit, Yachtzee...

Okay, I give up. If anyone needs me, I'll be in my igloo watching Rock 'em Sock 'em Hockey #5 while playing board games. It's the patriotic thing to do.

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