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8.12.2003 by Rosemary, every Tuesday.

Hooray for Tuesday! Since the story is small, I stuck in some pretty unrelated art. Let me know if you think this is a good idea and I'll start illustrating the stories, or maybe make an all-art column at some point, hopefully with fewer hideous jpeg compression issues.


Hunks of dark shorn hair filled the sink. She dropped the scissors on the porcelain rim with a clink and blinked at herself in the mirror, surprised to find that the short hair didn't look half bad. A giggle echoed against the lemon bathroom walls; she scooped the hair into the garbage can.

She dressed light and packed light, stuffing all the bills she could find into the pockets her short skirt. The hall mirror seemed to be laughing at the girl with the old high school back pack and the bulky pockets. She laughed back, and hopped out of the house into the bright sun.

She shouldered through the crowds on the street. Soon she slipped into the bus station, and she reached down to pull out a bill or two. The young man at the ticket counter shivered as she unselfconsciously wrapped him in the silky hug of her little girl's voice. She boarded the bus with a handful of tickets provided at a shamefully steep discount.

By the end of the day she was somewhere new, in a little apartment with a view of Christmas lights dangling in lush summer trees. Satisfied, she went exploring. The next morning she stumbled to the gritty bathroom mirror and prodded at her face. There was a delicate lipstick kiss on one cheek and a bloody cut on the other.

Tracing her fingers softly along the cut, she broke into a wide grin.

George Takes a Wrong Turn and Wanders into the Arms of the Forest Creatures (markers, too much Radiohead)

A Phoenix and his Fiery Pals (acrylic paint, markers)

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Sad Bird Lady with Jpeg Compression Issues (acrylic, pencils, angst)

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